Quick Web Creations Video Review!

by Cedric Aubry

Hello Everyone,

In my previous post I show you a great tool call Quick
Web Creations
which takes less than 1 minute to use,
and it produces beautiful Web 2.0 styled images.

Creating a Web 2.0 type image isn’t difficult at all
with Bill Ortell’s Quick Web Creations tool!

Here a video that show you many features of Quick Web
Creations and how easy this tool will create stunning
web 2.0 graphics for you.

Start creating your own web 2.0 graphics, it’s
addictive how cool you can make them.

Quick Web Creations - Try It Now!


For Under $7, this was a simple decision to me!

Thank to Alex Sysoef from Web 2.0 Wealth System for
creating this Quick Web Creations video review ;)

Best Regards,
Cedric Aubry - Signature

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Sandra Gravelle November 11, 2007 at 4:50 pm

Hello Cedric,

You have a nice blog.

I was unsure if this tool was right for me and after i watch your video this is looking very easy to do.

I’m not good in english and sometime I have problem to understant how program are working.

I will try it, i want to make images graphics for my first website and for friend.


PS. I’m from Quebec also, do you speak french?

Cedric Aubry November 11, 2007 at 6:04 pm

Hey Sandra,

Thank for stopping by my blog and thank for getting your Quick Web Creations access from my link :)

I’m glad that the video review made you take the decision to try it out.

And Yes I speak french ;)

Thank again for your purchase.

A bientot,

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